Dan Bilzerian is one of the most talked about personalities today on the Internet and while you may argue against it, he’s also one of the coolest. The multi millionaire playboy has got it all up for show. From his riches to his passions, he’s got everything on display on Instagram. The King of Instagram, as he’s commonly and aptly known has knowingly or unknowingly turned himself into a source of both inspiration as well as envy for all his followers across the world. Like him or not, Dan Bilzerian is there to stay, at least for a while. Having no question over how cool life is for The Blitz, we’ve compiled a list of things that make him way more cooler than anyone else around.

His Pet Goat

Yes. Dan Bilzerian has a goat for a pet. One look at him and you’ll realise what swagger his surly pet goat has. Why not too, his name is Zeus! He can be often seen on Bilzerian’s Instagram having the time of his life.

Zeus only fucks with the baddest bitches @nedi_nazari @tawnyjordan @bre_tiesi

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Nope, that is not the name of some Uber cool gaming console that Dan Bilzerian has (which he’d be no short of either). It’s the name of his pet cat, his pampered little furball. You just can’t get enough of her which is why the female Persian Doll Face cat also has her own Instagram account.

#tbt to before I lost my favorite toy lobster A photo posted by @smushball on

Dazzling Collection of Watches

From Hublot to Audemars, Dan Bilzerian’s got them all. Never compromising with his watches, he’s splashed 800,000 Dollars on his prized Richard Mille. His cheapest watch costs 40,000 Dollars.

Packing for my trip tomorrow, some men make sure their shoes match their belt… #MyWatchMatchesMyGun

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Guns and Ammunitions

His enthusiasm is not just limited to watches. His huge collection of guns leaves little to prove at that. And with 4 years in the Navy under his belt, neither can you doubt his precision. Just look at this fully engraved Heirloom Precision for starters.

Finally, after 6 months of engraving my jailhouse Heirloom precision 45 is back #1911 A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

His G4

What kind of a multi millionaire would you be if you did not have your own huge-ass aircraft moving about at your will? You can’t say that to Dan Bilzerian. He’s got his own Gulfstream IV twin jet aircraft making rounds for him.

I told my Dad I bought this G4, he said “congratulations son, by your age I had 3” #FuckingOneUpsman

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Monster 6×6 AMG G63

Bilzerian’s exotic car collection boasts of numerous high end automobiles with a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari 458, a Cobra Shelby and a also a Bentley Ghost, but this custom made monster stands out from among the rest with a price tag of over 900,000 Dollars.

I woke up like this

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Rampage in a Tank

Bilzerian’s fondness of stunts can’t be left out either as he once borrowed a tank and strut about on it (yes on it, not in it) with a few ladies, also crushing a BMW with it for satisfaction’s sake.


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This point had to be up sooner or later. Playboy Bilzerian is hardly ever seen without chicks by his side (or on him). With is own words stating ” I got just as much ass in college as I do now, and I didn’t have much money then”, you know it’s not all just about the money.

Champion Poker Player

Poker is the home ground of Dan Bilzerian and where he has made his name. A high stakes player, he plays with buy ins as huge as 5 million dollars! He also bankrolls highly skilled poker players to play in tournaments and win big.

People are honest as long as they can afford to be- Benny Binion

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He is Dan Bilzerian

Well of course that counts! He has that insane amount of money and gets all the women but it’s all about the freedom to do what you want. That is what matters at the end of the day and Dan Bilzerian seems to be living his life to the fullest, well, at least according to him.

Yacht life w @nicksmith305 @Germanmiami @Billdeandc

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