The nine months journey of Pregnancy  can be the most splendid one or the nightmares one. One thing is quite true isn’t  easy way down there. It demands a lot of patience and daily fights with hormonal morning sickness. Here are 5 tools which you can utilise during or after pregnancy.

Baby plus parental education  tool

All parents wish to have their children the best start in their  early life. Baby plus parental  education tool strengthens the baby’s cognitive  development  in various  ways.  It helps the baby differentiate between two distinctive natural sounds. Many customers’  reviews report that their babies have shown increasing ability  to  self-soothe, are more actively responsive. All you have to do is place the pouch around  expecting mother’s belly, choose the lesson and play the audio files.

Holo Maternity  Raft


The holo maternity  raft  makes front lying easy for a pregnant  woman or people with sensitive  bellies. You can use it on land or water, at home or on a holiday. Now no more disturbed  sleeps due to belly weight. There  are no size limitations. It is innovated in such a way that women of all sizes and all stages of pregnancy  can fit into one size. Not just for sleeping, you can use the raft for relaxation  purposes such as watching T.V or reading a book on your tummy! It has a specially designed  raised rim which avoids a soon to be mama’s back from “arching through the hole”. Osteopaths,midwives, yoga teachers, obstetricians and physiotherapists approvingly praise such a pregnancy tool!

Disposable  Maternity Briefs


Disposable  maternity briefs are particularly  designed  for the use of later periods of pregnancy and after the birth  of  the  baby. They work as a replacement  for  normal  underwears. They prevent  the maternity  towel to move from its place. The material  used is ultra soft  around the legs and waist. Even if they get stained, you can simply  throw them away. No need to exhert yourself with washing off the blood stains. Women have even used them for purposes other than pregnancy. Among them travelling  is most famous. No need to carry another polybag for dirty underwears just use a disposable  brief and throw it away into a bin.

Maternity  back Support and Shoulder Belts


Maternity back support belts and shoulder bands help the mother to lift up her belly so that the back is relieved  from weight  of the belly. Not just back, it relieves the burden over abdomen and legs. It doesn’t cover the whole belly region, just the parts that  need the support. When worn underneath the clothes, it does not make its presence  known. They come under many sizes. It works well while walking or standing but activities  which involves a lot of bending such as sitting, picking up something  from the ground could make the velcros of the belt or shoulder bands to change their position.  However the professionals suggest only to wear them on the advice of doctor or midwife.


TENS Machine

TENS Machine is operated  through batteries. The patient wears it on the body to feel some or no stimulation  of the pain in the body. These days many women are using it for pregnancy purposes. Sticky pads are placed on the body’s  skin and a box is then attached  to them through wires. It isn’t  a sure shot solution but it does reduce the intensity  of the pain, making it intolerable  to bearable.  Taking painkillers have side effects on our bodies but TENS doesnt have any side effect. Women in labour find it their saviour.