5 Things Being A Cat Or Dog Person Say About You

Image Courtesy: Christine, Flickr

Pet lovers tend to be optimistic and nature loving. But have you ever wondered that your choice of pet can tell quite a lot about your personality? Here in this article we are going to compare canine and feline lovers. Dogs are more likely to be found in homes with children while lone birds like aged people and singles prefer low maintenance cats. Here are five personality traits associated differently with dog and cat lover. Although this article is based on research of many psychologists but exceptional cases are always there!

CONSCIENTIOUSNESS includes common behaviours such as self-discipline, sense of duty and an inclination towards planned as compared to spontaneity

With one call of dog’s name you will find the dog running towards the owner whilst cat take your message but prefer to revert back later. This similar trait has been observed in their owner’s as well. Dog owners have high level of consciousness at contrast to cat owners. Being conservative by nature, most dog owners lack spontaneity.

EXTRAVERSION involves affinity toward being gregarious, enthusiastic, positive and energetic

If you see a talkative person cracking slapstick jokes, having all the attention of people around them or sharing outdoor activities experience it’s likely that he or she is a dog person. Cat lovers are lonely and independent people (mostly women) who prefer one man army. They usually enjoy ironic humour and puns.

5 Things Being A Cat Or Dog Person Say About You

Image Courtesy: Tiago Godoy, Flickr


AGREEABLE implies qualities such as trust, kindness, affection and sociability

You would be surprise to know that choosing cat as pet actually implies the need for affection while dog as pet implies want for companionship. Dog lovers tend to trust people as compared to cat people. They are also very extrovert and due to their trusting nature more readily help people. Hence they often get fooled by their own trust on others. Research says that dog people are 24% more likely to settle down and have kids with self owned home. Affection is not a trait well acknowledged by cat people. This however doesn’t mean that they don’t feel love or affectionate. So if you have a cat loving friend or love interest who doesn’t revert back your love gesture back just give them sometime to understand and accept their budding emotions.

OPENESS includes attributes such as appreciation for arts, curiosity, creativity and nontraditional thinking

You might now assume that dog people are open or broad-minded. Well if you did you are wrong. The study says that cat lovers are 11% more unconventional than dog people. Dogs love boundaries and their owners are generally dominant who impose the conduct of society. The old saying the curiosity killed the cat is quite true. Cat lovers are knowledge hungry creatures who enjoy liberty of speech and art. Dog people are less likely to be as creative as cat lovers are. Probably all the theorist of the world like Marx must have been at least cat lovers if not owners.

NEUROTICISM consists of personality traits such as being easily stressed, anxious or easily worried

Cat people are highly neurotic. This is so because they have many unaddressed emotions. Perhaps that’s what living alone does to you. It makes the person more anxiously depended on his pet which means he would need more reassurance for his feline friend. Dog people are securely attached to their canine friends. High level of affection has been found to have led to high level of neuroticism which is good for the animals if not for the owner.