Using the device for a week now, I found out that the best way to describe this smartphone which is the Galaxy A8 from Samsung which seems to be a rather flagship product would be to list out 5 features that made us and probably will make you fall in love with the device. Let start listing down them one by one.

1. All metal body

Chamfered edges, rounded corners and back with full metal unibody design has been the signature feature of the Galaxy A series and continuing the saga the Galaxy A8 also flaunts the same.  Although the unibody design means that the battery is non removable however anybody like me who keeps the design on top of its priority list can compromise with the non removable battery.
With just 5.9mm in thickness the Galaxy A8 becomes the slimmest offering from Samsung yet and despite being all metal the device weighs only 151 gms. For me, this sleek profile and all metal unibody makes this feature one of the 5 features to have this smartphone.


2. Miscro SD Expansion

This feature which is being explored by most of the manufacturers in the mid tange segment of dual SIM smartphones makes this as the second feature to have this phone. The Galaxy A8 comes in 16GB and 32GB storage options, and the second SIM slot can be used to expand the storage with a micro SD card to 128GB giving an option to the consumers to use the second SIM slot for a micro SD card.


3. Fingerprint Scanner

Its not just about having a feature but how well and accurately it works. The Galaxy A8 boasts its fingerprint scanner just like the galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and I was impressed to see that it works as accurately as in those devices.
The finger print sensor is integrated in the home button and offers an easy setup process where it asks for multiple impressions to capture your complete fingerprint. This is the third reason for me to buy the smartphone left with two others.


4. Amazing Camera

The Galaxy A8 comes with a 16MP sensor in rear camera with f1.9 aperture and it uses the ISOCELL technology. The front camera is a 5MP unit with a wide angle lens that keep your selfies just perfect. The camera can be launched with a double tap on the home button which makes it easy to access from any application in the phone.
The default camera app comes with a beauty feature which enhances your selfie to a great extent however sometimes you might feel the need to tone down that feature.
The rear camera offers a good shutter speed, its really quick and the result is a sharp and detailed image that can be compared with a one from any other high end smartphone. The images are vibrant and crisp like you would expect from any Samsung smartphone. The app also has an HDR Mode which you would rarely use since the normal images are also very vibrant and high on saturation level.
The only disappointment was the absence of hardware based OIS ( Optical Image Stabilization).


5. Excellent Battery

One feature with which Samsung manages to impress me a lot is he way it fitted a large 3,050 mAh battery inside this so sleek full metal unibody structure giving the device just the exact power backup it would need. With that said, the battery manages to last for a day with heavy usage of data, video play on YouTube and gaming for a decent time. I used the phone for a week and only a day it happened that the battery drained out completely, rest all 6 days it managed to pass the test.


In all this device managed to capture my attention for all the time I used it and it gave me anything I would expect out of any high end smartphone without realizing that it is actually a mid segment smartphone.
Let us know what do you feel about this elegant styled device in the comment section below.