How many of you remember being an active artist in your toddler days? Do you remember that endless stack of colouring books that your parents always ensured never got depleted? For in no time would you finish each of them, mostly with gibberish that made absolutely no sense. However, with passing time, some of us showed real talent in the art of filling in the right colours, and that too with utmost precision. Remember how ecstatic we would be on the completion of each one of our ‘masterpieces’. Well, life was simple and so were those colouring books. From colouring your dream bedroom to your dream superpowers, our childhood just had no end. Nuh uh! Wrong answer. The sad truth is that it did.

Anyway, all of the above talk makes one wonder how it would be if there were colouring books designed especially for adults. Sounds interesting? Sounds like a lot of fun? Well think again, they could be eye-opening and hopelessly demotivational. On second thought, those seem exactly like the ingredients to make it a lot of fun. Prepare to laugh out loud as you go through the following images of what would collectively make a perfect colouring book for adults. And please don’t cry!
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