Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing’ – Mark Twain

Stress, sorrows, insecurities and apprehensions. All of these emotions constitute a fraction of the challenges that we face in being human. In an attempt to secure a parallel footing with the world, we read countless reports about the people around us. Some happy, some sad. But as is the nature with news reports, they usually incline on the latter as their core content. And what’s worse? The tone is always kept formal. This formality would definitely appeal to our brains, but it certainly would be alien to our heart. Our heart! The center of all emotions, our very own stimuli!

Confident about the potency of humor in alleviating even the deepest of sorrows, we began sorting out a way where we could present any report, or give any update in a light hearted, jesty manner. We found out that not only was this approach equally efficient in conveying the message, but surprisingly it would percolate way deeper and stay there way longer, thus creating a profound impact on our very thought process. In the end, we found ourselves in a much better position to handle whatever life threw at us.

Overwhelmed, we teamed up with like-minded people so that we could reach out to as many people as we could and better their everyday life.

All of us envisioned a world where people could laugh together, be amazed together, could gossip together, learn together and grow together.

A world where we could reset our brain and reprogram our very soul. And, the outcome is the social community we love calling, Hashingtag!