Hey guys, I know that there is an ocean of Music streaming apps in India like Saavn, Gaana, Shazam, Rdio which help you discover music as well as play. But somehow we can not resist yourself from using the ones that are not yet officially present in India like the Spotify, Pandora. After a couple of attempts, I came up with a simple yet efficient way that makes me use Spotify on my iOS devices. So without any delay let’s hit it.

1. Download the Tunnel bear app. This app helps you create a VPN connection which is an obvious requirement as it helps you fake your location. This will enable a VPN option in the Settings menu.


2. In the next step download the Spotify app from App Store. Make sure you change your region to US in the App Store.

3. Once the apps have been download, connect to the VPN server in the Tunnel Bear app and set your location to the United States. (Note: The VPN option should be enabled in the Settings menu.)



4. Now login into the Spotify app and sign up using your Email Id (not with the Facebook or any other social network because that would automatically send your location to the App server hence would not allow you to access the app).



5. And here it is, you just made it to the App!


With small variations, you can work this method out on your Android devices too.

Well, all said, there is just one snag to this approach and that being the limitation to data consumption in the Tunnelbear app which is 500MB per month, however if you are ready to spend a couple of bucks you can do away with that too.

I hope this article piece turns out an effective way to explore this amazing app on your iOS device. Just in case you come across any hindrance, do let us know in the comment section below. #Love