Add-Songs-From-Apple-Music-To-Library-HashingtagNow that you have subscribed to the Apple’s Music Subscription you would definitely like to add the songs from your collection in Apple Music to your iTunes Library to create a proper playlist on your Mac. This is necessary since it is not that every time you are using your iPhone to playback music especially when sitting and relaxing at home.

Well, the steps to do the same are pretty easy and straight forward(Make sure you are subscribed to the Apple Music). You can add songs from the Apple music to the iTunes Library directly or add it to any playlist that you have already created on your Mac. We have listed out the steps for the same below:

1. Use your Apple Id to Login to your Apple Music Account on iTunes



2. As you Log In, head on to the Apple Music screen under ‘For You’ heading



3. Select a song that you would like to add to your iTunes Library or to a specific Playlist in your iTunes Library

4. Click on the Ellipsis button next to the song you would like to add and select any of the two options based on your choice (Add to a playlist or as it is).


Add-Songs-From-Apple-Music-To-Library-Hashingtag-3 Add-Songs-From-Apple-Music-To-Library-Hashingtag-4


5. It’s done! The song/songs you selected have been added to the ‘My Music’ section in your iTunes library.



6. Note: The songs have been added to your Library but still are on the cloud, so you need to download them in order to bring them on your system. For that Press the download button in front of the



Now that you have got an idea to enhance and update your iTunes Music Library, you can enjoy setting up your collection and enjoying music on your Mac while having a cup of coffee. 🙂 Should you have any queries related to the topic, feel free to mention in the comment section below.

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