Most of the iPhone owners buy them because of the efficient OS, functionalities it offers and also the style statement it gives to its owners. Though many of us might be using iPhone for almost many years;we don’t even know what secret and useful features IOS offer. So here are some important iPhone tips and tricks of using iPhones and iPads.


Save Battery

Save Battery Mode

As you might have seen many iPhone owners complaining about their phone’s battery life on various social media forums. So now you can use power save mode to save the battery life in the settings. Also, you can turn all the automatic settings off such as auto brightness to help the problem of fast draining.


Set a timer for Music

Set Timer For Music

Now you can set a timer and listen to music on your iPhone and after a time which has been set on the timer the phone will automatically stop playing the music. This function can be activated in the timer app for your iPhone.


Headphones to capture photos

Headphones To Capture Photos

Many people don’t know this feature. Many people have a tendency of not getting a steady photo because of the constant shaking of their hands. So here is this feature which will leave you not in a worry as you can place your phone at a particular position and just capture your moments hassle free with using volume up and down keys on the headphones.


Assistive touch

Assistive Touch

iPhone owners also complain about non-functioning of the home button as well as of some volume keys and power switch. Assistive touch features allow you to overcome all these problems as it provides access to all these functions on the screen itself. The only thing you need to do is activate the assistive touch in the accessibility in the settings.


Custom Vibration

Custom Vibration

This is meant to understand who is calling you even when your phone is on the vibration mode. This function can be activated by editing the contact and then vibration setting. You can put all the existing vibrations or you could simply customise the vibrations as this is the exclusive feature that iPhone offers.


Photos while recording a video

Images while video recording

This is the coolest among all the features as it allows us to grab our favourite moment while actually recording a video without stopping the recording. While recording you could just simply use the capture option on the screen to store your moments.


Shake to undo

Shake To Undo

While typing, many people commit mistakes and they feel to delete the typed sentence. Now we don’t have to worry as we just simply need to hold the phone firmly to shake it and we can undo typing. For this, you don’t need to activate something specially.


Flash blink

Flash Light

This feature is ambiguous. Some might like or some might dislike it. It allows blinking a flashlight of your phone whenever you receive a message or a call and notifies you. It can be activated in the accessibility-LED flash for alerts in the settings menu.


Mathematical Siri

Siri Calculation

Many people use Siri for normal day to day app functioning. But most of us are still unaware of the mathematical ability of the Siri. You just simply need to say Hey Siri and then just say out the mathematical fraction and guess what? You will end up having a result without typing or calculating on your own.

These were all the basic tricks and tips about iOS devices. Few can be used on the iPad too. All the above features will help you use your iPhone to the fullest of its abilities.