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Posted by Tinder on Saturday, 7 May 2016


There was the time when matchmaking was done only by the parents no matter whether you are a boy or a girl but in today’s’ world: the advent of technology, fast paced developments and easy access to more and more advanced gadgets changed the scenario upside down. It’s not something which everyone adopted so easily but it’s the technology and its efficiency made people accept it. Tinder is something which is a perfect tool of getting hooked up with your perfect match and even the older generation also is getting used to it.

As an Indian, we can’t imagine something like this to happen in our wildest dream. The stereotypical mindset which prefers to stay in a closet even has started changing and it’s the majorly an outcome of apps and sites such as tinder. Such sites offer an opportunity to gather things well before getting along with your soulmates. Earlier matchmakers used to do all the investigation work but nowadays such sites have opened the avenues to explore better beforehand about our would be spouses . Interestingly in that video the mother herself is supporting her daughter instead of opposing or distancing away from her daughter shows that even the elder generation has started accommodating themselves as per the needs of the current times. This video also throws some light on the beautiful relationship between a daughter and her mother and how Tinder is building a trust among them.

In tinder’s language moulding, ourselves to the changing technology is a ‘RIGHT SWAP’ and everyone has to adapt that to maintain their presence.