With Snapchat viral and trending among youngsters, social networking sites are filled with screenshots of people making weird and funny faces. But imagine animals snapchatting! Let’s have a look at some weirdly funny photos of animals with a human-like twist for each!

Making bae click photos of you and posing “oh stop it, you”

Animals Snapchat


Watching your friend being beaten up by his mom

Young cat snapchatting

Source: cattpix.com

The ‘Miley Cyrus’ types!

Giraffe Snapchatting

Giraffe Snapchatting, Source: Dailynewsdig.com

Bae just got mad 🙁

A Cat Snapchatter

Source: theoreoexperience.com

The “you wanna die?” look

Cat Snapchatter

Cat Snapchatter, Source: cattpix.com

When mom is cleaning the drawer you have hidden your report card in!

Fish Snapchatter

Fish Snapchatter, Source: funnyfacebookstatus-funnyjokes.blogspot.com

Missing bae :'(

Dog Snapchatters

Dog Snapchatters, Source: ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.com

That one Friend who sleeps during class 😀

Friend Sleeping in Class Snapchat

Friend Sleeping in Class Snapchat,Source: www.99share.in

Whoever is sending me these candy crush requests- I will find you and I will eat you!

Send me a Candy Crush request And I will eat you

Send me a Candy Crush request And I will eat you Source: dailynewsdig.com

HOLY SHIT! Dafuq is that?!

Monkey Snapchatter

Monkey Snapchatter ,Source: mustified.com

Ya kiddin me? I swear i’m not high!

Are you kidding me? : Snapchat

Are you kidding me? Source: dailynewsdig.com

That one friend who photobombs every photo :/

Animal Photobomb

Animal Photobomb, Source: dailynewsdig.com

When only you get the joke :3

Dog Snapchatter

Dog Snapchatter, Source: www.99share.in