Our infatuation with the Moon has been a long lived affair. Cold and beautiful, subtle yet challenging, the moon has always mesmerized mankind. Thanks to the sheer importance lent to this dear satellite, today we find ourselves well aware of the first steps on the moon. But what of the last? The moon in its craters, stores well preserved secrets, secrets which have the potential to shape the future back on Earth. But sadly, astronomers today have overlooked the moon in an attempt to gain on further planets. Thus all such expeditions were screeched to a halt, much akin to our hopes. Fortunately, Google recognized this folly and wants to treat it with a crazy yet hopeful proposition. Their Lunar XPRIZE is an unprecedented venture with a pretty straight forward agenda. Inspire brilliant minds to dream big, and aid them as they work hard to turn dreams to reality.

Previous researches have proven that a great amount of resources can be found on the surface of the moon, but most of them are out of our reach, buried under layers of mysteries. As of now, only 5% of the moon’s surface has been traversed. Thus, all that’s in store for us beyond that 5% still needs to be investigated. But sadly, traveling through space hasn’t been cost effective, with billions of dollars spent on every such crusade. But what if we could come up with technologies which would achieve the same, yet on a budget? Convinced about this raw possibility, Google has offered 30 Million USD’s as the prize money to whomsoever is able to exploit the potential.

The task is simple. (Or atleast they say so!) Design a robot-manned spacecraft, land it on the moon, travel 500 meters and send hi-definition footage back to earth. 18 teams from around the world are up to the challenge. On one hand they eye international recognition whereas on the other, the whopping reward prize! What now remains to be seen is the success this venture can bring about, if any.