David Beckham Body Tattoos

If there is one thing that I am certain will have countless hearts racing is ‘The Beckham Tattoo Charade’ The celebrity footballer currently has 32 tattoos on his body and he proudly unveils,

“I have 32 and I don’t regret any of them, they all have a meaning”

The 39 year old has always been open regarding how he feels about his tattoos. For him, it appears to be the most peaceful way to give vent to his deepest inhibitions. In his autobiography “David Beckham: My Side”, he revealed some of his thoughts on tattoos: “I’d finally realized what I wanted a tattoo to represent. Mine are all about the people in my life, my wife and sons, who I want with me always. When you see me, you see the tattoos. You see an expression of how I feel about Victoria and the boys. They’re part of me.”

So here we have the most talked about Beckham tattoos that captured awe-striking attention!

A Tattoo worn by Beckham in Chinese transcript -Hashingtag

The Chinese proverb translates to, “death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honor depend on heaven”

1. Tattoo vertically weaves Chinese symbols initiated from below his left armpit and extending down to his rare. The Chinese proverb translates to, “death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honor depend on heaven” what sets it apart from the rest of his tattoos was the brush effect it left.

beckham victoria-hashingtag

A Tattoo On Beckham’s wrist saying “Victoria” in Hindi

2. This was by far the most highlighted ones of Beckham’s tattoos. The singular point of attention being that Victoria has been misspelled with an unfortunate “h”. The Manchester united star decided to have his wife’s name inscribed in the Hindi language because he felt that it will be less “tacky” than having it in English.

A Tattoo on Beckham's hand saying "Victoria"-Hashingtag

A Tattoo on Beckham’s hand saying “Victoria”

3. In 2013 David and Victoria Beckham attended a London fashion week party where for the first time, David’s new tattoo tribute to his wife was revealed. The back of his right hand adorned with the words “Victoria” in a running font similar to the one on his left hand that reads “love” thus it felt like a perfect way to have the two tattoos in sync.

A Tattoo on Beckham's Right Hand saying "In the face of adversity" -Hashingtag

A Tattoo on Beckham’s Right Hand saying “In the face of adversity”

4. 2004 was the year when Beckham was faced with the allegations of an affair with model Rebecca Loos. Things took a nasty turn when these rumors appeared to threaten his marriage. It was later this year that he got his right arm inked with an angel and the words, “in the face of adversity”
He stated, “Everybody’s got a way of expressing their feelings, and mine is through my tattoos.”

Guardian Angel On Backham's Back-Hashingtag

Guardian Angel On Backham’s Back

5. The much highlighted part of Beckham’s tattoo collection has got to be his back. In particular it details out three features: The first being the name of his son Brooklyn on his lower back. This is also significant as it is David’s first tattoo which he got in 1999. The next year he inked the angel above it to symbolize the guardian angel who shall watch over Brooklyn. Later came the words “Romeo” his second son with wife Victoria. At this time, the guardian angel was adorned with enormous wings which were not previously present.