A latest report sadly reveals that only 4% of the women in the world consider themselves beautiful. The rest are either uncomfortable to use the phrase, are either unsure of it or directly call themselves average.

An experiment by Dove

Dove, a globally recognized beauty product and a marketer of true beauty is well known for initiating campaigns where they encourage people to be beautiful, feel beautiful and call themselves beautiful. In their latest campaign, Dove visited the workplaces of women from over five countries and gave them a startling choice. They could make use of two gates to enter their office with both being exactly adjacent to each other. They labelled one as beautiful and the other as average. Then they record these women for weeks as they make their choice between the two doors. Initially the majority of the women chose the door for the average but gradually they began shifting to the beautiful one. The way they make this transition is infact the most beautiful thing about this video.

Beauty is a choice. Just as choosing between good and evil is a personal choice, being or not being beautiful is a choice. It all depends on how you feel about yourself, about where you see yourself to be. But amusingly the term beauty is often confused with the material sense, that is ‘possessing’ an attractive physique or an attractive face. Hilariously, this is the worst possible mishap people commit and; do so very often. Hence the low self esteems and lack of contentment within self. Many a times i come across girls who keep pushing themselves really really hard just to fit in with society’s definition of beautiful and trust me, it is not sexy. It is infact a severe issue that demands urgent attention of all. Kudos to Dove for making excellent use of their brand and reach!

Final piece of advice

People around you will always pull you down. This is sadly, the way of the world. Amidst such hate, the only defense you have is your own self. No one will ever care about your self esteem but you. So stop challenging your beauty. Stop feeling ‘secretly inferior’. Start embracing your self. You are unique. You are, beautiful!