People these days are very much into buying speakers to which they could connect wirelessly. With the range of such speakers starting from a few thousand to as high as you are willing to spend, Beolit 15 by Bang & Olufsen priced at Rs. 39,990 clearly stands apart. We got a chance to review this amazing portable speaker and here’s what we have to say about it.

Build and Design

Beolit 15 is a speaker which demonstrates a quality product designed with precision. It is built using premium materials- the aluminium grill, available in various colours- Shahed Rosa, Polar Blue, Natural Champagne and Black. The replaceable strap is made of the most durable and full-grain leather.

The top of the speaker is built from strengthened plastic coated with dust-phobic rubber. There are four buttons on the left of the top surface of the speaker- the two LED backlit buttons for power and Bluetooth pairing and the other two are for volume up and volume down. A device can be connected to the speaker using Bluetooth 4.0 aptX wireless connectivity which produces CD quality sound. The speaker is capable of remembering up to eight paired devices and connects with them automatically when the device’s Bluetooth is switched on. Talking about the bottom of the speaker, it has four rubber pads to prevent the speaker from moving when a high bass song vibrates the chassis.



Here comes the interesting part- the back of the speaker. It has got a small compartment there which can be used to store the power cable. And yes, the power socket too is inside that little compartment. Along with that, there’s also a mini-USB which can be used to update the speaker firmware when required. Right next to the compartment is a battery charge indicator, a USB slot for charging your phone and a mini-jack port for wired audio connections.

The dimensions of the speaker stand at 230 x 180 x 135 mm / 9″ x 7″ x 5.3″ which does not sound as compact as you would think it is and it weights 2.7 kg. On a fun note, people also compare its look to a lunch box or even a mini icebox. But then, all this becomes irrelevant when you play your songs on it.


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Sound Quality

B&O claims that Beolit 15 has a lot under the hood that makes it one of the best in its class and we second them too. Here’s what the Beolit 15 consists of two 35 W Class-D amplifiers power a 140 mm woofer, two 100 mm passive radiators and three 38 mm drivers. The two of the three drivers are placed on the front at a 45-degree angle whereas the third one faces out from the back and this is what allows B&O’s True360 technology to bring out an omnidirectional sound.


Beolit 15 comes with a powerful bass and a real presence once you play the sound, right from 50 Hz, with minimum distortion and pleasant sound. The bass is excellent at mid-volume and it gets a little muffled once you turn the volume further up. Having said that, there is still no compromise in the sound quality at any volume level. This makes it very impressive for a speaker which has such high max volume level.

The treble by the Beolit 15 is very pleasant to the ears thereby producing crisp sound. What makes this speaker extra special is the 360 degrees sound diffusion which brings out a room-filling sound. You really do not have to care about the placement of the speaker in a room and you would get an amazing sound experience and that is probably what we all look for in a portable speaker. Let’s say you are out for camping, sitting in a ground- place the Beolit 15 in the centre of the group and everyone will be able to enjoy the same sound quality. However, this broad diffusion angles brings in a little loss of stereo.

With an impressive max volume of +94 dB, Beolit 15 is capable of filling even a large room with quality sound. The average distortion stands below 1% and produces an overall clean sound. A point to be noted here is that the max volume decreases on low battery levels so as to prolong the battery life, which is acceptable too.

You could also use the BeoPlay app present on the App Store to fine tune the sound as per your requirements.



Beolit 15 is powered by an excellent battery which spans up to 24 hours at a mid-volume level. If you are connected to the speaker and no track is played for 15 minutes, the speaker will automatically turn off. Having said that, it is interesting to know that the speaker only takes three hours to get completely charged. As mentioned earlier, the max volume decreases on low battery levels so as to prolong the battery life.

Verdict on B&O Beolit 15

B&O Beolit 15 is really one of the best portable speakers we have come across, both in terms of sound quality and style. Priced at Rs. 39,990, yes, you might feel it is a little on the expensive side, but then it is all worth it when you play your favorite track on it.