Ever since I saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I always fantasized a world made of chocolates, mouth-watering desserts and foods. I mean, who wouldn’t love a fountain that spits warm Belgian chocolate nonstop, paths paved with butterscotch cakes, trees sprouting cotton candies, little huts made of gingerbread and Swiss chocolate, a continuous supply of pizzas on conveyor belts and lakes full of lemonade or iced-tea! Such bliss that I could go on forever and ever! Creative souls have made movies based on such fantastical worlds, even advertisements and stories of folklore which feature such a scrumptiously edible world! Sadly, despite the excitement, the only place we have managed to experience this is in our dreams, as mere fantasies. But there is one lady, just this one lady who actually took her fantasies seriously and created next level paradise! Behold Australian artist Tanya Schultz and her candylicious miniature worlds filled with sweet tasting goodies!


An Australian duo Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz kick started their dreamy ride in 2007 by creating installations that ooze magic! Though Nicole parted ways to pursue a different career, Tanya carried on with her creations under the moniker of ‘Pip and Pop’.


Her pieces of art are made up of pastel hued sugar, glitters, candies, marble and glossy plastic! Add to that the elements of love and fantasy and voila, these installations spring to life!


Tanya has collaborated with her friends and many other artists in order to create more of such masterpieces. She creates a full fledged miniature world carved out of the most beautiful and dreamy colors.


Tanya has created confectionery paradises at various events in Japan, Australia, Netherlands and Taiwan. She has also adorned the aisles of various fashion ramps, one of them being Mercedes fashion show.


The fauna in all her installations is mesmerizing. Such intricate details and glittery hues, as if they’re all waiting for you; to be feasted upon by you!


A boy’s fantasy and a girl’s paradise, happiness of the likes of seeing snowfall for the first time and the contentment out of a big fat breakfast, you are bound to feel all of this simply by gazing upon this world!



And you cannot imagine the amount of sugar they use to create these worlds! Tanya once said in an interview that on one set, they actually used 500KGs of sugar and around thousands of other materials! This absolutely blew me away!


According to Tanya “I hope that something from childhood stays with everyone. It’s the part of us that responds to seeing something beautiful or magical, like snow for the first time or a starry night sky in the desert. I want to transport the audience to another place or time.”


Tanya apparently makes use of all that is colorful or sweet and weaves magic out of them. She also collects strange little things when she travels, like miniature mushrooms from Amsterdam, fake birds from Hong Kong, and tiny cakes from Japan. Who knew that simply assembling colored rocks could take us on a trip to rainbows! Make sure to check her out on her website right here.