Our society finds itself deeply blotted with inhumane crimes, vengeance being one of the glossy few. Although murder as an act of revenge isn’t anything new, to me, it still comes off as utterly disgusting as it would years back. Such guiltless felony! At one end we have our law enforcers who would do anything to bring about their notion of justice. On the other are our beloved psychologists who keep themselves occupied in a love-hate relationship they share with these criminals. Me? I’m just a regular guy who often finds himself taken aback by all such developments, one who is often left baffled by the sheer courage and the utter stupidity behind it all. More than that, I keep wondering as to what could drive someone so insane that they would resort to the murder of a fellow human? Is revenge really as sweet as they claim it to be?

‘University Filmmaker’s alliance’ organized a short movie competition for filming enthusiasts. An up and coming team of three youngsters grabbed this opportunity with an idea that would eventually act out as a mirror to us all. Yes, it is unsettling, the visuals and the audio being suspense thrillers enough for the soul. As an icing on this cake, the story unfolds in reverse. It begins with a close up focus on a blood stained timepiece followed by a similarly adorned mirror. As the video progresses, we gather more clues as to what may have happened in this house that left its inhabitant in such a godless state.

Murder mystery-hashingtag

Now comes the part where we try to unravel the mystery behind this video. At first, it is easy to write it off as a love-gone-wrong case. A boyfriend murdering his girlfriend for god knows what sort of madness. But is it actually the case? I personally find myself dissatisfied by this interpretation, so I move on to the next. Is this an outcome of the girl not being chaste enough and unfortunately ending up in the hands of a psychotic lover? It might be the case, but as with any other masterpiece, the possibilities don’t cease here. The girl can be seen glancing upon a few documents for a while, when on close inspection we see the guy sneaking up through the door. Does this signal a robbery? Or is this an extreme case of stalking? I’ll say it again, the possibilities are endless. It all depends on what a viewer makes of it in his head, and upon his powers of observation.

No matter what the cause, it doesn’t change the fact that the effect it led to is pure evil. More than an imbalance in one’s mind, such evils are rooted in the greater imbalance of our society as a whole. I hope it brings us all to a much needed moment of contemplation.

Psycho murder-Hashingtag

A few points to think upon. A lot of elements in this video seem to contrast upon the present and the past, a carefully directed satire on our development, I’d say. Then, the blood drops can only be seen on the timepiece and the mirror, both of which we fail to refer to today! The criminal is visibly trembling, yet he wears a cold unforgiving look with him. In my opinion, this perfectly portrays the irony that we keep within us all, our failures at reconciling with our own selves. Then as is the case with the most asympathetic of crimes, the victim is absolutely unaware of the predicament that awaits him, of his hourglass running dry on him in the next few moments.

Isn’t it ingenious how a 2 minute video clip can make more sense than many full-fledged Hollywood pieces? That, a simple concept can stir so many interpretations? We’ll be glad if you’d take a moment to think upon and share your take on this video! Our society may be beyond repair, but we can bring about the change no matter howsoever faint the hope be. Do pass this on and contribute to this change!