The infamous comedy group AIB strikes again. And this time it is the greedy telecom operators they are targeting. These days, the protection of net neutrality is an issue of serious concern the world over with a lot of resentment openly public against the offenders. It is indeed a grave issue with graver repercussions and hence must be halted no matter what. In India, the regulatory authority for telecommunications, ‘TRAI’ has decided upon April 24th as the last date for submission of complaints post which it’ll implement the new laws for net neutrality. These new laws are seriously infringing on the freedom of a customer to surf the net as he sees fit. Furthermore it will also leave countless startups and emerging technologies seriously bullied by the rich, the famous and the powerful. And you; the regular customer would end up paying at least 4 times the money you pay now and still be stripped off the majority of the freedom you enjoy today. It is indeed sad how greed ridden telcos like Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance have forgone everything moral for money. Yet what anguishes me more is to find our own government standing by them, deeply prejudiced.

In the above video, AIB as is usual with them; make use of irony, stats and ingenious satire to stir people to action. They give brilliant everyday examples as to how unfair and extorting the demands of these telcos are and how if they succeed, the internet as we know it could change forever. They even bring the fallacies of TRAI to light in their usual comic yet biting tone and point out how laughable these laws are. Amazing how an act from 1885 governs stuff first invented atleast an entire century after its passing!

Make sure that you watch the video, share it with your friends and more importantly, make sure that you send the mail to TRAI right here as a sign of your disapproval to the act. Do your bit in the cause by sharing this article followed by the hashtag ‘SaveTheInternet‘. The more people it reaches out to, the greater are the chances of serving justice. If we fail to act now, a lot will be lost and mark my words, there won’t ever be any remedy to this wrongdoing.