Nothing impersonates the passing of time, as does a time lapse recording. Subtle things spring to life and the imperceptible seems to blur away in the fast paced motion. One of the most sought after travel destinations in the world, the city of Dubai is one that is crammed with luxuries. Skyscrapers, tons of otherworldly projects and gold spitting parties. You name it, and Dubai does them all, and does them the best. An undefeated hub it is for true epicureans.

For those who haven’t been lucky enough to witness this glory in person, a famous UK based photographer, ‘Kirill Neiezhmakov’ has crafted an ingenious masterpiece of a time-lapse for this city. For this outtake, he went above and beyond the commons and reached out to many ‘hard to reach’ corners of the sprawling city. The resultant is a rare hyper lapse that truly captures the essence of Dubai. The tallest man made structure, the Burj Khalifa, never seemed so majestic before, nor did Burj al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in the world. Infact he absolutely nailed it when he captured the commotion in and around the humungous ‘Dubai mall’ as well as the lifelike seawater aquarium at the ‘Al Mahara’. A star spangled sight it is, one that is enough to fill even the most detached souls with awe and appreciation for the beauty.

And once you’re done lusting upon the abnormal glory of the city life, Kirill takes you aboard another fun ride, this time in first person view. The sheer thrill of the high paced metro is made more profound by the erratic stoppages. The NFS-esque street ride had me wonderstruck with an inexplicable desire to ride as hard and as fast as I humanely could. The traffic, though devoid of the supercar fame couldn’t look more glamorous. On the aural front, i absolutely adored the soundtrack. The flute-heavy melodies heighten the sense of the mystery that is the city of Dubai. To be honest, it’s a rarity to see the fast paced characteristic of a time lapse so perfectly echoing the lifestyle of a city i.e. fast, royal and majestic!