A new app has taken the world by storm. People are going absolutely crazy over it and crazy it is indeed! After all who would not poke fun in blurting out epic movie dialogues or acting out that insane chipmunk scream? But it is rather a waste to talk of something that you’re already are aware of. For if you have an Instagram or a Facebook account chances are that you’ve already seen atleast one of these crazy clips, eloquently titled as dubsmashes. Not to say that the app spams our feed (which at times it can owing to it’s surging popularity!) but it is hilarious indeed to witness our friends fail in their enactment, to mock them over it and to tag a few along to keep the fun going! But not all fail in their attempt. Apparently some are seriously talented at it. Meet Shenil Patel from Gujrat, a Dubsmash sensation or as her fans call her, the Dubsmash queen!

Had to do an Alia bhatt! I need to delete this app #dubsmashindia #tooaddictive

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It’s hard to be around chocolate and not love it. #dubsmashindia #studybreaks A video posted by Shenil Patel👸🏽 (@shenish13) on

It is clear that the crown that her fans have bestowed her with is a well deserved one. Furthermore her current residence in the UK makes her crown all the more legit! (pun intended!) Her expressions couldn’t be any better nor her ingenious enactment of the scene. A joy to watch, it is hard indeed not to fall in love with her bubbly performances. Many Instagram channel’s have already featured her on their page and if you ask us, we have a star in the making!

For people who have exams coming up & all my medical & engineering students out there❤️

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Don’t mess with a gujju 🔫 #dubsmashindia

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Oh and if you were curious about how she sounds in real life, here’s a cute little video she uploaded of herself. You can follow her on her Instagram here. Our team at Hashingtag wishes her luck for her future and expects more of her soon, but this time on the big screen! As they say, if you’ve got it none can stop it! And Shenil indeed has it all!

No it’s not another dubsmash video! 😂 #itsjustme Especially for @haadia_khan A video posted by Shenil Patel👸🏽 (@shenish13) on