What would happen if one day you were to enter a washroom with hopes of letting off some bodily waste and you find the entire place in a mess with bananas? Well no matter whatever you might think, you would never ever hope of encountering a gorilla in a washroom, would you? Neither did these folks who were apparently peeing in absolute peace when all of sudden, a gorilla popped out of no where angry and ready for battle! Human instincts can either trigger a fight or a flight signal at times of danger, both of which are found in ample in this video. Despite the glaring difference in the reaction, one thing was common to each of them, that they were all epic, damn epic! Of course they are bound to be, firstly because these folks just encountered an angry gorilla in a public washroom! Wait, even the sound of it makes me laugh out loud! And secondly it is from Fouseytube a pioneering name in the world of pranks. There is no way a prankster doesn’t know of this guy!

PS: The last battle was EPIC! Typical fouseytube comedy. KO!