With only a couple of days left to the release of the highly anticipated Fast and Furious 7, the team behind the jaw dropping stunts came into view. As you’re all aware, this movie packs in a great deal of breath taking action sequences. And if you were in the illusion that this seventh installment to the Fast and Furious saga used computerised stunts for the same, then you are totally wrong! It was actually GoPro. Yes! you read it right, the famous camera and mount accessories company, which is well known across social media for its awesomely “real stunts” was behind this most important aspect of the movie. Probably, the movie had to have such insane action so that they could do justice to the deceased actor, Paul Walker, who passed away early last year in an unfortunate car accident. And after watching the video, it seems that they did manage to pull off what many deemed as an impossibility!