I remember when I had my first periods, not so vividly though. I was in 7th grade and our teachers had given us separate seminars about “menstruating” since I studied in a co-ed school. Some of my friends started menstruating during that age. One of them, I clearly recall, filled my mind with so many misconceptions like ‘You shouldn’t share your food while you’re menstruating’ or ‘you shouldn’t touch holy stuff since you’re impure’ and other ludicrous stuff which she obviously learnt from her mother!

And then I had mine. My god, it was painful and gross and every other bad thing to have ever happened to me! I hated myself for being a girl. Everywhere I sat there used to leak blood spots. I ruined all my clothes and most of my bed sheets. Sadly, my mother didn’t help me with it. A “taboo”, as our Indian society considers it. We women do like to discuss it with friends but only in hushed tones. Internet becomes the one place all girls confide in for more knowledge.

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In this frightening situation, Dear Kate is trying to befriend us and our problems regarding this “Tragedy”. The brand has launched special under wears which are spot resistant and leakage proof. They recently released an advertisement where 20 women talk confidently about their first periods in order to lend a hand to the young girls struggling through their early phase of menstruation.

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