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We are made to learn a huge variety of numbers, combinations, series, and theories in school. While we repeatedly complain, “when will I use this in real life?”, in truth these magical numbers and theories are present all around us. Jack Storms from StormWorks Studio provides testimony to the same with extremely intricate and eye catching glass sculptures which have coded inside of them, the most prevalent mathematical ratio in nature, The Fibonacci or The Golden Ratio.

The Golden ratio, as just mentioned, is widespread in nature. From the stems and veins of flora to the bone structures and skeletons of fauna, it can be found everywhere. However, while its examples in nature are incessant, there are relatively fewer stories of its presence in man made structures. Adding to that list is now Jack Storms with his rare technique of glass sculpting.

Storms makes use of a sculpting process called cold-glass process, an intense physically and mentally challenging  process to produce each of his wonders, which he says can take anywhere from eight to eighteen weeks to be completed. His immense talent and skill developed over the years have enabled him to mould and create shapes from glass that one would normally create with wood, as you can see here for yourself.

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ViviOvo, Storms’ personal favourite glass sculpture from his collection was created from inspiration from his wife Vivian. It is based on the Golden Mean Egg also called the Fibonacci Egg.

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The Aerial, one of Storms’ first pieces was designed taking inspiration from air and nature with its unique shape as an attempt to provide a sense of uplifting. The colors inside constantly change depending on the time of the day, the time of the year, how the light in the surrounding is and other factors.

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One of Storms’ most complex and sought after pieces, the Chroma Cube has more than 300 cuts, giving it the look of a large diamond. Tesseract anyone?!

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The Blue Spectrum cube casts colourful shadows and looks like a floating core. It has been cut and polished to precision, making it look perfect.

For more of Storms beautiful works and greater info on the Fibonacci ratio, you can visit his website here.