They always say that Call of duty is a man’s game. Not to stereotype talents, but almost every single time, guys are somehow better at the sport. While there might be a few girl gamers who’d be every bit as awesome as we could expect, we’d rarely think of our moms as gamers, COD at the very least! And that’s for a good reason for apparently, first person shooters and mothers do not mix well together. This video is an awesome example why!

This guy makes his mom play call of duty on his console and the result is every bit as you’d think of it to be! She moves her player like Mick Jagger would, i.e. too much to the left and then too much to the right while being trigger happy all the while. I pity the walls who are undoubtedly the actual victims of this experiment as they end up facing countless bullets head on, in as savage a manner as it could get! The enemies seem to be having a gala time for all the bullets seem to be flying way past them. I wonder if the AI could feel the awesomeness as Neo did in the Matrix! No wonder the accuracy blew up and so did the bodies of those who accidently got shot. Good luck with you wanting her to shoot, for she’d instead reload, that too in the face of her enemies. What courage! I bet no gamer could do that or manage to keep shooting even with an empty barrel! But as they, the amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act. And oh boy, act she did and did well! The direct reward is the kill streak she secured by the end of the clip, Tekken style!