How far would you go for your loved ones? Especially when they are so far away that they’re not even on this planet? The mere thought is so disturbing. 12 year old Stephanie’s dad has a job which keeps the two apart for months. Her dad is an astronaut and spends much of his years on space missions.

Stephanie decides to send a message to her father and Hyundai lends her a hand. Hyundai Motor Company initiates a dream project to carve a message using its 11 Genesis cars. How big a message? 5.55 Km^2 big and 1.6 times the size of Central Park, New York. With teams from all over the world and months of research and practice, they narrowed down to Delamar Dry Lake of Nevada. Their idea was to craft a message so huge that it is visible from outer space stations.

Stephanie decided on the message “Steph <3’s you!”  and Hyundai team made every effort to shape it exactly in her writing. They fight all obstacles to send this message to Steph’s dad. When he looks at the message, the moment is more than blissful. This project of Hyundai has also been acknowledged by the Guinness World Records as “The Largest Tire Track Image”.

This is how the messaged looked from the space.

The message as seen from space!