Seldom you want to import items like Podcast, Songs, Videos etc from your friend’s or family’s Mac to your Mac system and with Home Sharing this task has been made easy. Home sharing let’s you Import Items From Another iTunes Library in another computer that share the same Apple Id and thus help you avoid the lengthy process of copying data to an external drive and transferring it to the other system.

It is important to note that you can transfer data from up to to 5 (five) iTunes Libraries from computers in your Home Sharing network using your Apple Id. Also, anytime you download a data from iTunes Store to any of your  computer you can have it automatically downloaded to all your computers in the Home Sharing network. Let’s check out the steps in detail to perform the aforestated process.


Step1: The most important and the first step towards this is to Turn On the Home Sharing option in all the computers that you want to include in the Home Sharing network or want to import data from. To do the same, Go to File –> Home Sharing –> Turn On Home Sharing




Step 2: It would ask for the Apple Login Id and password, use the same Apple Id for all the Computers from where you want to import the data (In case you don’t have the Apple Id, Click ‘Create New Apple Id’ to create one. Once done, a notification window saying ‘Home Sharing is On‘ will come up.




Step 3: In the next step click on the Sharing button on the top left of the iTunes and it will show you all the computers on which the ‘Home Sharing‘ is enabled.



Step 4: After selecting the Computer from which you want to import, select the type of content in the list next to it. In case the content type is not listed, click on the Ellipsis button next to it.



Step 5: After this, click on ‘Show’ pop-up menu on the bottom of the iTunes window and select the option ‘Items not in my library’ , select the items that you want to import and click on ‘Import’. 




Step 6: Click on the Settings option at the bottom of the iTunes window

Step 7: A window pops up, showing different types of files available for import. Select the items that you want ti import automatically and click OK.

And it’s Done!


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