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BHAGAT SINGH (REVOLUTION) was the first illustration by Amandeep under the name Inkquisitive.

“Imperfection is beauty.” While the magnificent vivid illustration above looks perfect in every sense, these are the words, more so the motto of the man behind this artwork, the incredibly talented illustrator Amandeep Singh aka Inkquisitive. His creativity is evident from his professional name which crisply describes his art- the obvious part that it’s composed of ink and secondly that his work poses questions. Thus Inkquisitive.

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Amandeep Singh aka Inkquisitive

Possessing a knack for art since the very beginning, Amandeep never used to shy away from laying all his imagination out for all to see even at a young age when he made use of oil paints. Having watched his father at times practicing calligraphy, he soon recognised his passion for the creative fields as well and with the full support of his parents for pursuing his passion, he pursued first a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and finally a master’s degree in illustration, his forte. In the field of illustration, he claims there is a freedom to do anything and create whatever you want, an aspect he believes is integral for his art.

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PELE, The King of Football

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From among the various colourful masterpieces he has created, Inkquisitive is especially renowned for a lot of his religious artwork. In fact, a few of his breathtaking illustrations are on display in gurudwaras in the UK. As a youngster he would listen to many of the stories of the gurus and other figures in Sikhism and observe many of the pictures and portraits of the gurus in gurudwaras. He regards these as major influences of his religious artwork.

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YELLOW DELIGHT (GOLDEN TEMPLE), “a contemporary rendition of Harmandar Sahib (The Golden Temple)”

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TENTH GURU III (HEMKUNT SAHIB), a depiction of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth guru

The majestic piece of art you saw in the beginning of Shaheed Bhagat Singh was Amandeep’s first illustration under his professional name. It took hardly a few hours to make itself go viral on Facebook through his Facebook page. Since then there has been no looking back. Amandeep recognises the major role played by social media in the promotion of his work and as a medium to let his “inquisitive” pieces find their way to different people. A good number of followers first on Facebook and now on Instagram have surely made a difference. In addition, he admits he looks forward to connect with his audience and also all kinds of feedback from observers and critics.
After all, that’s how you learn and improve, he believes. Over the years he has collaborated with Humble The Poet, Tigerstyle, Sikh Knowledge and Singh Street Style.
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The broad message that Inkquisitive puts across through his artwork is that the most important thing about whatever it is that you do is to be not afraid. You have to dare to be different and that difference is what makes you stand apart. He also emphasizes the importance of freedom. There is neither any reason nor any point in restricting yourselves. These factors are integral for the process of letting your imagination flow. ‘Imagination’ is yet another of his favourite words and with good reason too. Maybe that is why he describes himself as “A Man Deep” (in thought). Everything you do and that you can do comes from your imagination, and as his documentary “The Ink Doc” says, “Imagination is free”.
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“Imagination Is Free”


For more of his illustrations, artwork and to know more about him, check out his website.
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