Advertisements are powerful. They have the ability to convey a lot more than speech. We come across hundreds of ads daily, some of which we notice and many of which we don’t even realise we are passing by. Here is a collection of a few very well thought out advertisements you may or may not have come across as yet.




What is the best way to encourage someone to not give up? Simple. You just don’t let them give up. This clever advertisement by Nike is sure to be greeted with a lot of curses by out of breath passers by!


Superman Elevator


Along with promoting creatively, this is how you turn regular and monotonous trips up and down the building into joyful ones. What could be better than being welcomed by the Man of Steel every time you push the up/down button?




Undoubtedly living up to their tagline ‘smart ideas for smarter cities’, IBM demonstrates their smartness with simple yet effective promotional advertising that not just proves their point but also reminds us that this computer and machinery based company is well aware of simple human needs.


Quit Smoking


Nothing better than being totally blunt about an issue that is required to be emphasised time and time again. If the words ‘smoking kills’ and ‘quit smoking’ were not enough, the above image was sure to catch our attention and make us think twice about something that shouldn’t need to be given much thought in the first place.




This humorous advertisement by Rowenta Home Appliances for its vacuum cleaners is sure to have caught the eyes of many. It may be absurd and illogical, but then aren’t those the best kind? Needless to say, it gets its point across as well.




Sometimes, where words or speech may not be the best alternative, a single picture may suffice. What better way to prove this statement than the above advertisement which shows FedEx at its very best! An absolutely fitting advertisement for the courier services company.


Save earth save future


A thought provoking image that forces reflection, and I’m not talking about the one in our side view mirrors. The warning on the convex mirror otherwise used to avoid road accidents is an indicator of a much bigger threat that could be upon us if we do not change our ways.


Hut Weber


A very famous advertisement by Hut Weber, the above image depicts differences in fashion as the causes of differences in personality traits. While at one side without the hat, we have the terrorizing Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, on the other side we have perhaps the funniest man to have ever set foot on earth, Sir Charles Chaplin, with the hat of course!


Y+ yoga centre


Always dreamt of a certain level of fitness and flexibility? The Y+ Yoga Centre sure knows how to get you there. A witty, ingenious and refreshing advertisement makes you absolutely sure of that.


Thai Health – Sleepiness is stronger


This simple yet striking body art advertisement released by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation delivers an important message as clear as possible. Don’t drive sleepy. This image goes on to show that a lot else can close for you with the simple close of an eyelid.


Save water


The above advertisement encourages people of all ages to save water close to the World Water Day by intelligently quoting the story of the thirsty crow. If there is no water there are no stories to tell, which is synonymous with the fact that without water there’s no life.


Western Union Money Transfer


Perhaps the best method to emphasise their work which is to transfer money quickly and safely, this simple advertisement by Western Union is the easier to comprehend equivalent of endless technical and complicated terms.


Chupa Chups Sugar free lollipops


A clever and amusing advertisement that puts its point right across and makes you chuckle at the same time, it puts forth an old tool with much more creativity and far little monotony.


Luxor highlighter


This advertisement for Luxor highlighters makes brilliant use of the idiom ‘to find a needle in a haystack’ as a promotional tool. Keeping everything plain and effective, which is exactly what highlighters are for.


Koleston naturals

Koleston Advertisement Hashingtag

This advertisement is exactly what Koleston is about- naturals. A wonderfully thought out concept for a natural hair colour’s billboard, this advertisement reflects ingenuity and insightful thinking.


Orion telescopes


Telescopes make visible the world beyond the heavens but in this cheeky advertisement Orion telescopes take it just a little too far by catching on to some minor details which may have better remained hidden. It just goes on to show that they miss nothing.


Lenovo Ideapad with Face Recognition

Lenovo Ideapad Advertisement

The above advertisement by Lenovo gives an entire new meaning to face recognition by taking the meaning of using your face as your password literally. Clever and amusing, it puts across an important feature of the product with minimal effort.



Aquablock Band Aid


This band aid may not heal your heart or dry your tears, but it sure to heal your external wounds no matter how much you splash around. The advertisement makes sure that if necessary, it will even make your tears change their direction.



WMF knives


The sharpest of knives need the sharpest of advertisements to show us its true colours and the above advertisement does full justice to it.