“The need to be creative, the need to kind of explore ideas is a necessity, but to take away that would be to take away everything.” – INSA


This is a story covered by Ballantine which promotes artists who give lie to their own story by performing creative and arty experiments. In this video Ballantine goes to Rio de Janerio with a team of 20 to create world’s largest animated GIF with INSA.

Made By INSA-Hashingtag

Made By INSA

INSA, a London based artist, is famously known for his crafty ground-breaking GIF-ITI where he makes wonderful animations of his graffiti designs. The process is very labourious as it requires him to repaint the design many times by hand changing the image slightly each time. His work has been displayed at street level and in exhibitions such as London Victoria and Albert Museum and Tate Britain. Many of his work has been built from murals painted on walls whose pictures are taken to be painted again and finally be photographed to be converted into the GIF format.

He has named the design as “Looking for Love” and it spreads across 57,515 square meters in four days (excluding 2 days for preparation work) and in four sub designs. If you look at this GIF from the satellite you observe the standout country Brazil sending out the message out to the globe and to universe of love and brotherhood.