Photo Credits: Federico Vittici/MacStories, Sam Beckett

Now that there is till some time to know what iOS 10 would have in store for us at WWDC this year, Federico Vittici of MacStories and concept designed Sam Beckett took a chance to bring out what they want to see in the upcoming iOS. The two of them worked together to bring an unbelievable iOS 10 concept video showing off stunning features and how he wishes they are implemented.

Federico wants to have Control Center 2.0 which would finally be customizable so you can drag and drop the available controls and also 3D touch support for detailed toggles. They very intelligently put the night shift toggle near the brightness slider. Another feature, Dark Mode, is what all of us want right from the start. It indeed looks spectacular in this video.


Watch out the video for yourself and develop dissatisfaction with iOS 9(pun intended).