People standing out of the ordinary are the ones who make history and live for infinity.  This thought of “cherishing something different” has being the driving force behind John Poppleton’s life and work. John Poppleton is a photographic artist famous for his portraits which exemplify the feminine beauty. Born and brought up in suburbs of Sacramento, California into a family of seven children, John was the youngest of the all and being closer to the age of his nephews, grew up with them more like brothers and sisters.


He had always been the adventurous one and loves anything that ‘ offers a creative outlet’. Before committing himself solely to photography,he had been pursuing drawing and fashion illustration. Photography, then was something very new to him. He would take his brother’s point-shoot camera and set out to click random photos. Later he dropped out of high school but the school counselor sat down with him and looked for anything that would make him join the school back. And there it was:Photography which entirely changed his life. His first photography assignment was the wedding shoot of his friend’s marriage. When the word of his talent got out, he began photographing brides in rarest of the rare backgrounds! Sometimes it was abandoned factory, open field or bride standing on the ladder. He has won many prizes for his wedding and fantasy portraits.


Poppleton calls ‘black light’ as a ‘ fourth dimension’ which can make the subject into a source of light. His black body scape fuses the female elegance and grace with the glory of God’s creation in the world and beyond. The end result takes a lot of effort. First scenes are painted directly on the skin using temporary fluorescent materials and then captured by the camera in poses to fabricate an art piece that is as individual as the subject is. His Black Body scape are different in the most majestic way possible.

When Photoshop added a new tool called ‘ liquify’, Poppleton began experimenting with it. He pulled the bride’s ears and transformed her into an elf. It came out quite nice so, he placed it into his portfolio of his favorite pictures. When he showed it to the owner of a  faerie collectable store, he was asked to make 12 such images for a calender. That was the biggest push he ever got.

Apart from photographing, Poppleton is learning how to ride a helicopter, goes on rock climbing, mount bike, scuba diving, bungee jumping or anything that has written ‘adventure on it’. Even now he has kept alive his adventure hunger. In heart John Poppleton is a true artist and an adventurer.

For more information on the artist and his work stay tuned to his official website.