Apple WWDC 2016 -4WWDC is always a key attraction for tech lovers as this Apple’s event brings in many exciting new announcements and also it affects the strategies of the other companies too in the year all along. However, this year too in WWDC 2016 Apple has geared up its product line-up with new updates and all new stunning features. The key attraction was the rolling down of iOS 10 but let’s see what more Apple has to offer this time.


Mac OS Sierra

  • On the global level international strategy as far as the brand name is concerned is crucial and by keeping this in mind Apple has changed it’s desktop OS name from  OSX and MacOS Sierra. This change is not only limited to the name but it is going to bring Apple’s successful Siri to the desktop.
  • WatchOS 3: At WWDC 2016 Apple rolled down its efficient new watchOS 3 for improvement in the iWatch’s performance. The latest update makes the device over 7 times faster which loads apps very quickly. The latest OS will make the navigation easier providing an efficiency and hassle free operations on the go. The latest update has added scribble feature which allows you to draw each individual letter on the screen cases better and faster replying to the message.
  • iOS 10: The key attraction of this conference was IOS 10. It will be available soon giving a lot of interface change and more efficiency. It now hosts ‘raise and wake’ feature which will enable you to wake the screen up as soon as you pick up the phone. According to some sources, this OS update will allow you to delete built-in apps for more storage space.
  • Apple Music: Apple music has now also undergone a massive layout change and organising sons will no be easier and free for customization. The interface has changed so you can categorically sort out your favourite tracks.
  • iMessage: Apple’s messaging app has also got a value addition as now you will be able to do more on the app with having loads of features accompanied. Now you will be allowed to have emojis being used while chatting even on the messaging app. Handwriting notes can also be sent using the messages and soundtrack sharing directly from the music app is now a reality using a messaging app.
  • Photos: Photos application is now coming with an all new face. It has redesigned the organising of the photos making it more like Google Photos. Now according to the face recognition technology you can sort out your memories in different categories. Now you can create a montage of memories by adding a music track in the background.
  • Siri: Siri will now be available to app developers to add their contribution to this world class voice command system. This will further improve the working span of SIRI as you will now be able to do that using Siri and can even call and book a UBER ride using the same. It will further expand the support to the rest of the apps too.
  • TV OS: TV OS will also now come up with class leading updates and most importantly it will provide a seamless integration between you iPhone and your TV device. It has many changes to offer as far as interface is concerned too.
  • Maps: There was always a debate over Google maps having an edge over Apple maps but now with improved Maps by keeping navigation in mind you can now book cab rides using the same. You will now be ale to pay using Apple pay from the sam device as this app is also going to extend it’s support to CarPlay system too. Though this facility will be available in very few countries initially, it will be available soon for the rest of the world.
  • Apple Pay: Apple pay gateway has also expanded as yo will now be able to make payments through Safari browser too. This will now eliminate the need of putting credit card details again as again as the data already is stored in the system.


This year’s WWDC like last many years has a lot to offer to tech lovers. Many devices got updates and many apps have also undergone some cosmetic changes but it would be interesting to see what strategy the competitors would follow after this game-changing event.

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