When Microsoft first launched its virtual assistance system for it’s Microsoft smartphone range back in 2014 it was seen as a reply to Apple’s Siri but because of Nokia’s failure in the smartphone industry and windows phone’s ineffective image in the market, Cortana was the one which didn’t get much of people’s eyeballs. And now with the latest version of Cortana Microsoft is trying to revive it’s image in the Tech world.

Let’s see what all new it has to offer.




  • The latest upgrade in the Cortana allows you to manage all your appointments and avoids juggling between tight work schedules. It sets,cancels as well as informs users about their big league meetings.
  • This latest Cortana deals with the location based reminders as you can get updates as soon as you reach the location which you have set up already on the phone.
  • Cortana once has all your details and bank statements stored it could directly pay your postpaid mobile bills.
  • The most important and useful feature of this device is that it itself analyses the traffic conditions and based on that gives suggestions about leaving home and what mode of transport should be preferred.
  • This extraordinary rejuvenation of Cortana also offers Bollywood appreciation , local accents , live cricket updates, daily horoscope, live movie showtimes updates and most importantly it gives users Indian railway notifications before and during the journey.

With the latest update though Microsoft has tried to revive Cortana, it still seems fallen short to Apple’s Siri but the coming time will tell whether it’s a success or just another failed story.