One thing that really made our childhood colorful and vibrant, were crayons! But what if I tell you that those very crayon sticks are perfectly capable of making a comeback in our lives? How about I tell you that you can make your very own palate of lipsticks using crayons?

Hell yeah, you can! Now you might think of me as crazy or downright disregard it as being unsafe. For the former, i’ll rather use the term cool or creative, whereas for the latter there’s science to back me up. Go down the memory lane and you’ll recall that kids chew on crayons all the time without getting hurt because crayons are absolutely non-toxic! The minute levels of lead are harmless, hence the absence of any statutory warnings for any age group. So all you ladies out there, go ahead and give this a shot!


  1. Crayons (I suggest Crayola crayons because of the negligible use of led)
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Olive oil or some vegetable oil (optional)
  4. A small mould to pour your lipstick in


Breakdown the crayon of choice into small pieces of about an inch each. Pour a glass of water in a pan and bring it to simmer on a stove. Now, place an empty glass bowl/cup inside the pan and add coconut oil to it (preferably one teaspoon but you can adjust as per the desired texture, that is more of the oil for a glossy lipstick or less of it for a matte one) Also it’s recommended that you add a few drops of olive oil/vegetable oil to the glass bowl for a better finish to the lipstick. Now, add a piece of the crayon to the bowl and keep stirring it with a spoon or a knife. You’ll soon see the crayon dissolving in the oil. Now add the other piece of crayon along with some more of the two oils. Once the crayons have dissolved, quickly take the bowl out (carefully or you’ll feel an ‘ouch’ moment) and pour it in a small mould. Be done with this step quickly and cautiously because the crayon sets very fast and can burn like hot lava! Refrigerate this mould so that it cools down and settles properly. TA-DA! You just made lipstick out of the crayons that have been lying around your house since forever!

NOTE: For the cleansing, you may use paper towels to wipe off the glass bowl and then wash it up with warm water and soap. Do not, and i repeat, do not rinse off the pan water down a sink or you’ll have serious blockage complaints for your plumber later on!

So that’s pretty much it ladies! The entire process takes less than 20 minutes and you get to own an entire collection of lipsticks. So much so for matching dresses! You can also check out the video for a visual demonstration of the above steps. Stay tuned with Hashingtag for more awesome DIY’s!