Watch as this man seemingly toys with time in his videos and leaves you puzzled

Confused much? As unbelievable as it might seem, the above video is not in reverse, just as it says in its title. This might bring about a hundred questions in your head starting with, ‘just how did he manage to make everything move in reverse?’ While it is clear that this video was made with the purpose of making everything seem to be moving backwards in time, most of it consists of simple tricks.

However, before we discuss this video any further let’s have a look at it’s complement, after watching which you’re sure to have your mind completely boggled.

Alright. I guess this is getting too much to comprehend altogether. The video says it is in reverse but everything seems to be happening as orderly as possible. Even the music seems to be going normally now. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

It is however, exactly the same video from before, only this time it is being played backwards. What makes it so special is that on being played backwards it makes much more sense as everything is happening the way it should be. Thinking about both the videos together might still be very confusing, so let’s have a look at what happened behind the scenes while this video was recorded.

Like we mentioned before, most of the elements of this video consist of simple tricks. Even so, the thought and ingenuity behind the video are applaudable. There might still be some questions that have remained unanswered even after watching the above behind the scenes video. How did he bring a supposedly swallowed sandwich back into his plate? Did he use a sponge? And what about his drink? Where did that reappear from? Also, how did he fix a broken egg?

There may be many different techniques to show each of these tricks, so we leave them for you to answer.