Gone are those days when you were looking for a set Bluetooth speakers that had just a boom sound ready to rock your outdoor parties or meetings or the next get together in your living room for that matter. In the current scenario, the first and the foremost point of consideration is the design, however, the sound quality and loudness still stand right there.

Talking about the beautifully designed speakers, Min7 is one such candidate to talk about.The speaker hand-crafted from recycled wood is capable of taking your breath away and is the most beautiful guy we have ever seen in the price segment. The heavily weighing, almost 12 kgs have solid wood panels and the natural tone that compliments the furniture in your office or living room. It has multiple inputs and a gold plated RCA cables giving multiple configuration options.

There are two 4 Inch woofers and 2 tweeters in the front, under it is a 5.25-inch subwoofer. The top of the device has rotary knobs for bass, volume and one to select the channel input. We have not yet got a chance to review the speakers however, one thing is for sure, these have to have really good sounding speakers because of the fierce competition you have in the price segment they are in. Priced at $799 it is a lot to ask for and the buyers would definitely be diehard music lovers who would not entertain a single glitch in the sound.