MTV having reached the hearts of millions of viewers; has now decided to bring a change in the state of our nation. MTV’s Junkyard Project is a one-of- its- kind initiative. Scheduled to take place in 15 cities of our motherland, around 150 college students; artists and volunteers are invited to join hands in cleaning up the suburbs off all its dirt and mess! The aim is to create a scenario where people would be encouraged not to litter their streets anymore. Many celebrities of the likes of Jacqueline Fernandez, Arjun Rampal, Karan Kundra,Sushant Singh Rajput and Ranvijay are supporting the cause.

Mumbai’s Bandra station marks the beginning of the project. This project is a youth run cleanliness drive. And wherever there is youth, there is excitement, fun, and fire to achieve something big. The project has been intentionally designed in such a manner that it is charged up with all the attractions that a youth craves.

The whole environment at Bandra station was lively with graffiti artists painting the walls and local music bands such as Hook, the Vicious Circle, Chikshu and a large number of youth cheering them up in high spirits. Youth is the future of a nation and with a youth population as large as ours, the change we crave for is not all that hard to achieve. All we have to do is correct what’s wrong. ‘Stop being Dirty, Start Being Awesome!