There is not much one can do when mother nature chooses to wreck havoc upon its dwellers. People use their all to create mind-boggling structures, certain that the walls of concrete they’ve built would keep them safe, perhaps forever! But on a random day; without any warning whatsoever, all is lost as these structures come crumbling to the ground. How ironical it sounds, right? Yet more ironical is how so many humans die without any fault of their own, how so many are disabled forever, how so many lose their homes; their loved ones, their everything. All of this on a day that began just like any other! Think of those who were touring the place hoping to take back some memories, not knowing that they themselves are to be nothing but a memory to their loved ones. Death indeed is a funny scenario. It ends up claiming far more than one.

The recent earthquake that hit Nepal was its biggest natural calamity in the past 80 years. It was the third biggest quake of the 21st century and a disaster which hit hard at the worst possible time. What does all of this mean in numbers? Let us find out:

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  1. An earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on the Richter scale, one that originated a mere 2 kilometers below the ground. The epicenter was as sweet a spot as could be for mass scale destruction, i.e. right between the highly populated and frequently toured towns of Pokhara and Kathmandu. In other words, the earthquake was bound to be this destructive.
  2. Entire villages have been levelled to the ground, streets have been ripped apart and buildings are nothing but rubble today. Despite many areas still inaccessible to the rescue teams, 2500 fatalities (500 added by the time i was done with this article) have already been recorded with atleast 100 times as many reported to be injured/still buried. These numbers are expected to multiply a lot many times before its all over. After all no less than 5 million people have been affected by the quake.
  3. The earthquake was of such severe magnitude that it triggered an avalanche in Mount Everest, an incident which on its own accounts for  more than 100 deaths. Many more remain trapped under layers and layers of ice, with the harsh weather conditions rendering rescue operations useless.
  4. Many historic monuments have been levelled, with two of them being UNESCO world heritage temples. There were more than 250 tourists inside the Dharara tower, one of the above at the very same time the calamity struck. Nothing is yet known of these 250 souls.
  5. Thousands of people have camped up in streets in pathetic conditions. The terror of the 40 plus subsequent quakes neither lets them sleep nor does it spare any chance for a recovery.
  6. The government of Nepal has declared a state of international emergency and is seeking help from its neighbors. Already countless people have teamed up and are doing whatever they can to help the victims, be it in cash or kind.

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Yes i know that you feel sad for the people in Nepal. Yes i know that you think of them, even at this moment you are doing so. But what matters more is what you can do to help ease their pain. The scale of the destruction is such that no amounts of money or people are ever going to be enough for them. Hence each and everyone of us must do whatever we can. Many NGO’s are setting up camps for those who have lost their homes. There are regular people just like you and me aiding the military; desperately searching for signs of life. There are doctors who are tending to thousands round the clock out of their own pockets. Still they are seriously outnumbered and out resourced. I would request you to think of sparing something, anything for your brothers/sisters in Nepal. Think of how it could’ve been you or your loved ones. But since god has been more sparing to you than he was to them, what better way there is to be thankful than to help those who just lost their everything?

Listed below are links to three crowd funding campaigns on Indiegogo. You can donate to whichever you see fit. Even a single dollar will help!

  1. For accommodation and medical camps
  2. A general relief fund
  3. A fund focused on rebuilding Nepal

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If in case you cannot donate, then the least you can do is share this article with others so that the number of people who actually donate increases. Imagine if even 5 out of your 100 friends end up donating to the cause, wouldn’t it be a serious contribution on your part? Do not think twice. You never know how many lives you can change with this simple act.