Since the beginning of mankind, we humans have messed up with pretty much everything Mother Nature has offered us. Earlier the havoc was confined to natural resources as man was just a careless creature. Gradually this mayhem increased to such a level that it has consumed not only a healthy and safe environment but all that lived here, including innocent animals.

With such an alarming state, organizations like ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) have come forward to save the left offs. Famous names have joined hands with them to work against the exploitation of voiceless animals. Recently, PETA came up with a new campaign against sheep shearing for wool and they did not want to keep it subtle.

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This graphically explicit photo was released lately where an Australian musician Jona Weinhofen can be seen holding onto an awfully wounded sheep (as a result of shearing unethically). The sarcasm in “Here’s the rest of your wool coat” is clearly intended to shame wool garment buyers as well as the wool shearing industries. Certainly the ad drew attention, but more negative than positive.

The act of shaming wool industries and an attempt at criticizing them flipped back at PETA when the Agriculture Minister of Australia took a stand against the community. Mr. Barnaby Joyce furiously accused PETA for offending the Australian farmers by “lying about their industry”. It was later stated that the sheep that is seen in the image was a prop, inviting the face of this campaign in big trouble. Jona Weinhofen is being targeted for falsely accusing the farmers who add to the GDP of Australia. Although Jona has made several attempts at coming out clear, he’s being dragged and blamed for misrepresenting the standard methods of shearing.

Jona, I won’t accuse you. I will accuse the community you’re promoting. By putting out such a scandalous image PETA easily collected the publicity it was looking for, leaving behind a humble vegan guy (Jona) and some lame excuses to get away from it. And I guess that’s how PETA is identified nowadays, a bunch of insensitive, lying hypocrites. Yes, you read that right. Need proof? Read on.

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  • The fact that PETA kills most of the animals it receives is no more a hidden truth. You would rather be petrified to know that in 2014, 2,324 cats and dogs were killed out of 2,631 that PETA adopted. Talking about numbers, it kills about 84% of animals WITHIN 24 HOURS of housing them!
  • When scrutinized and inquired, PETA made a feeble comment that they do not run a traditional animal shelter where animals are kept till someone adopts them. They put down animals that are too sick or wounded to carry on. Apparently, many of the cats and dogs it “killed” were perfectly fine and completely adoptable.
  • Few years back, two workers were seen dumping huge stacks filled with dead bodies of dogs and cats. Enquiry revealed they were PETA’s (you guessed it) workers who, on a daily basis, kill and dump dead bodies of animals in the dumpster.
  • The most amusing fact is here! In 2003 PETA introduced comic books for children titled “Your Mommy Kills Animals”. Their aim was to direct the kids’ attention towards the fur women wear. The comic had some great graphic content, clearly showing their insensitivity in manipulating innocent children’s minds.
  • Since year 1998 to 2009, PETA has killed more than 21,000 animals! Is there anyone more cruel and heartless than them?!

Animals should be taken care of, they should be loved but that’s not something this community is seen doing. I do not generalize this statement on every member of PETA, I know there are a lot of people who have unadulterated care towards these voiceless innocent creatures but others are not doing a great job. I also acknowledge the fact that PETA has helped turn many into pure vegans thus saving animals but this behavior makes us dubious of your actual intentions.

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