Mumbai , an adobe of many attained and shattered dreams is financial capital of India. It appears that the high sky scrappers are mocking at the largest slum of India. The life in Mumbai has its own rhythm and music which usually takes time to be understood and heard. Here are some shortlisted pictures that will bring out the beauty of Mumbai.

Photograph Sunset at Mumbai by Manu Bansal on 500px

Sunset at Mumbai by Manu Bansal on 500px

1. Gateway of India 

It is the starting point of the tourist visiting Mumbai and welcomes them standing on the Arabian Sea’s shore. It is a British marvel constructed in Corinthian style. It is embodiment of India’s struggle and sacrifices to attain freedom. It took 13th years to make this building and was constructed to celebrate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary. Indian Gate in Delhi has similar design. The arc design of Mughal architecture of Gujarat signifies triumph. One can see vast immense of blue sea and sky standing in front of the Gateway of India.

The photographer has beautifully captured the sunset view of the building. For more such pictures click on the picture.

2. Bandra

It is one of the famous tourist attractions as number of Bollywood celebrities reside here. It was historically a posh area of Christians at the time of British. However now it houses Hindus, Muslims and Parsi. It has catholic chapel of Mount. Mary, a place of syncretic nature. Bandra lake is a tourist attraction for boating. Bandra is also known as Queen of Suburbs.

The picture is of Bandra reclamation at night. The interplay of light and sea makes even night time ideal for boating activities.


3. Cityscape

These cityscapes prove that even after British invasion for over 200 years, we still believe that we Indians can achieve our big dreams with our hard work and determination. The time of sunset is most favorable for twilight photography when the sky turn orange and the entire landscape turn to dark shadow with clouds covering the entire cityscape like a blanket.

The photograph demonstrates the night exquisiteness of soaring cityscape of Mumbai. You can enjoy more pictures by the photographer by clicking on the link on the picture.

4. Rajiv Gandhi Sea link

It is also known as Worli sea link. Its construction began in 1999 by Bal Thackeray and took five long years to build. It reduces the time of travel from Bandra to Worli from 60-90 minutes to 20-30 minutes. This bridge show how far Mumbai has come and what it will be in future. Many people comment that its structure is more like a suspended ship. As you zip past the sea link, you see an old broken fort, little fishing boats moving up and down about and the waves crashing in and out depending on the tide!

Look closely at these pictures of the sea link. I’m pretty sure you would want to jump out of your seat and visit this magnificent bridge. For more pictures on the sea link follow the below links.



5. Monsoon

Mumbai is located on the western coast of Arabian Sea. It has pleasant tropical wet and dry climate with average of just 31®C unlike Delhi’s 45®C average! Although many trip advisors suggest not to visit Mumbai during monsoon due to water clogging but we believe that monsoon is the season where you can see its splendor. Try to visit places like Haji Ali, Marine Drive, Johu Beach, Worli Seaface and Bandra Bandstand. You will fall in love with the water waves thumping the shores.

This picture is unquestionably going to awaken your romantic poet side. You can see more work of the photographer by clicking the below link.


6. Worli Seaface

It is an ideal place for promenades if you can’t visit Marine Drive. It is famous for its violent waves at high tide. It also offers a view of Bandra-Worli sealink along with cityscapes. You can even see the picturesque sunset from here. People of all ages come here every day to enjoy the street food and ice-creams in cool breeze. What’s even more unique about It is that it has a statue of a common man.

For more pictures follow the photographer’s page.


Photograph Just after Sunset ! by Shantanu Monga on 500px
Just after Sunset ! by Shantanu Monga on 500px

7. Sunset

It is a must to see sunset on any beach of Mumbai. The crowd increases massively in the evening. Not just tourists even locals come to beaches or Seaface to see the day setting and enjoy nice snacks of bada pav, sandwiches, rolls and ice creams and getting rid of the daily toil of city life. To make your sunset even more special you must visit Hajji Ali mosque. The qawalis of darga singers will add to your emotions!

The following picture is of after-sunset at Versova Beach.