#RedMyLips is yet another anti-rape campaign among thousands of others in the world. The core message combines with the objectives of fellow campaigns; Slutwalk and MOvember, that the problem doesn’t lie with revealing and/or tight clothing, wearing makeup or as they say ‘letting your guard down’. “The problem lies with the decision of one person overpowering and violating the body of the other.” #RedMyLips encourages victims and their well-wishers to step out of their shells, rid themselves off their fear for the society and raise voices against the world wide pandemic that is sexual violence.


The initiative was first taken by Danielle Tansino, herself a rape victim. For months she would feel disgusted with her own self, for months she kept away from the cruel remarks of the so called society. But soon she realized that she was caught in a loop and that such escapism would not help her overcome the many atrocious crimes committed upon her. Hence she thought of doing something, but the question was; ‘what’? Then came the idea of organizing a campaign against sexual violence. This way not only would she end up channelizing her frustrations in a positive direction, but would also provide assistance to people like her. #RedMyLips started in 2012 and every year since then throughout the month of April the campaign encourages its supporters to wear red lipstick as a symbol of support while speaking against ‘rape culture and victim-blaming’.


Considering its past success, it has now been awarded the title of an NPO. If you thought that the movement is solely for women, then you are wrong. Danielle had envisioned #RedMyLips as a global movement. Many men, being uncomfortable with wearing a lipstick, have asked for the ways in which they can help. The campaign came up with a tattoo design for men who can put it up for temporary basis. It lets its supporters organize events at their schools, colleges, organizations or communities. It motivates people to share their views through any medium be it word of mouth, a small video clipping, a written piece or a general suggestion to help fight the cause. Basically anything that could bring forth the helpless victim and/or silence the society could be made a part of the campaign!