Samsung Smart TV range 2016

Samsung, the technology giant in electronics has now announced a wide range of TV’s from the price range of Rs.28k to Rs.24 Lacs. These new offerings from the house of samsung are bolstered up with new designs, stunning new features and all possible things you could expect from a smart device. The 3 range offerings SUHD, SMART TV & JOY BEAT range have now over 44 variants for customers to choose between and which are Premium , mid range and affordable segments respectively. SUHD premium range is available within a price tag of Rs. 180000 to 24 lacs with a screen size of 49 inches to 88 inches while with the availability of 32 to 88 inches size SMART TV range is now available for Rs.34500 to Rs. 703900 & JOY BEAT RANGE which has 32 to 49 inch screen size is available within a price tag of Rs.27900 To Rs.69900. This time Samsung rolled down 11 new innovations in their devices. Lets see what they are.


These latest devices now come with the Quantum dot colour technology which offers more than 64 times colours than the conventional UHD tv & this feature is enhanced with the HDR1000 function for high dynamic resolution adjustments for improved picture quality. These new television range also comes with the Single access with customisable UI feature which now allows same UI for the TV, home theatre system as well as USB drive. This feature is now complimented wth the one remote all device system which now allows you to use the same remote control for all the other related devices.

The other features include convergence across various platforms which allows us to use all our iOS, windows and android devices to connect with the TV flawlessly. 2 way bluetooth audio streaming, smart view app with touch pad remote are the other two functions which make this device stand out different from the rest others. The features which can be termed as the USP of the new range are the integrated sound system and virus free extendable memory. The front facing speakers and tweeters throw louder and clear integrated sound for superior experience . This range also allows you to download apps from samsung app store as the tv system is fully virus protected with the support of taking the data into the extended HDD and PD.

 With all these features it would be worth watching to see how these features fair in the tough competition. Have anything to add to the story, please mention in the comment section below.