News revealed by SamMobile, shows that Samsung will soon be granted patents for a smart contact lens with the built-in camera in South Korea. The patent images show that the lenses are equipped with a display, a camera, an antenna and multiple sensors to detect blinking and converting it into input forms.

samsung-smart-contact-lens-1 samsung-smart-contact-lens-2 samsung-smart-contact-lens-3 samsung-smart-contact-lens-4

Samsung in their patent application shared that limited vision on smart glasses and better integration of augmented reality made them apply for this patent. However, smart contact lenses will need to be connected with smartphones to process images and videos.

Google have announced their plans for smart contact lens two years ago. Google has been working Google Glass and also distributed it to a limited class, will face fierce competition from Samsung. It is interesting to know that Samsung applied for the patent in 2014, which is around the same time Google did the same in the US.

No matter how enticing this news may sound, it would be foolish to raise your hopes. It may take two years or more to make the device consumer-ready. Google Glass’ first prototype was demonstrated in Mid-2012, but we are still waiting for it to be available for the end consumer.