They say never judge a book by its cover. While it may hold true for the book, this is certainly not how things work in the marketing world. With emphasis on packaging and promotion rising day by day, companies and manufacturers all over the world have come up with marvellous and inspiring ideas every now and then. See for yourself how appealing items of day to day use are projected as to win the hearts of customers around the world.

Tea Hangers


Design by Soon Mo Kang

A very simple yet effective packaging design, this fashionable little box serves as a smart tea hanger and is pleasing to the eye. This miniature tea wardrobe is sure to catch a lot of glimpses time and time again.

Honey Made by Bees


Design by Maksi Marbuzov

At first glimpse these may look like elegant perfume bottles to you, but these honey containers when arranged together form a perfect honeycomb, sure to catch the attention of and attract passers by even from a good distance.

Whitebites Dog Snacks


Design by Cecilia Uhr

Who would have thought that even something as plain and simple as dog food could be made to look so striking and worth at least another look? This marvellous packaging takes a different turn from the traditional tins and boxes dog food is typically sold in.

Fruit Juice



Design by Naoto Fukasawa

How to make something as ordinary as drinking juice interesting by leaps and bounds? This image right here gives you the answer. With the fruit juice packaging seeming as real as the respective fruit itself, it doesn’t get any more natural.

Butter! Better!



Design by Yeongkeun

Along with a unique shape and look, this well thought out packaging saves you the effort of running to the kitchen to get a knife every time you consume butter. Easy to open and easy to apply and serving its purpose, the job is done right there!

Ampro Bottle


Designed by Ampro Design

A packaging technique such as this ensures two important features of utility and elegance at the same time, something that is not very common. An efficient example of packaging, it is certain to get a lot more than just a few curious glances.

Rellana Wool


Design by Ogilvy Deutschland

A plain and inexpensive packaging yet chucklesome for sure, the above image is a prime example of packaging kept simple yet effective, making something as ordinary as wool suddenly a lot more exciting.

Heineken Cube


Design by Petit Romain

Sure beer is fun, and sure it doesn’t get boring so easily, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the experience all the more fun filled. This concept of a Heineken cube stands just to serve that purpose. For some reason pouring beer out of it makes everything a lot cooler, doesn’t it?

Rolling Words



Design by Pereira & O’Dell

The above is a smokable songbook with perforated pages made entirely of hemp seed paper. Released by Snoop Dogg, the favourite rap artist of many, it consists of song lyrics from his album. Promotion of music takes an entirely different route!

Bloom Chips


Designed by Dohyuk Kwon

A delicate design yet an efficient one, this multi purpose packaging makes room for ease and elegance by not just putting on an attractive display but also allowing ease in consumption.

Wooden Match Blocks



Designed by Fitzsu Society

Matches have been traditionally sold in slide in/slide out boxes and it was time someone brought a little more creativity in this field as well. Using matchsticks with this pluck and scratch design is simpler than ever and does not look bad either.

Coffin Shaped Cigarettes


Image by Reynolds and Reyner

What better than a packaging design that both catches the eye as well as sends out an important message? This impressive design makes for an interesting cigarette pack and also reminds you of the otherwise very obvious fact that ‘smoking kills’.

Beijing Buffet Fortunes

Beijing Buffet Fortunes-Hashingtag

As if fortune cookies weren’t intriguing enough already! This packaging design will have many focusing on what concealed the cookie rather than the message itself. Such eye catching is the package.

Dino Chewing Gum


Image by BQB

While chewing gum all over the world is already sold in fancy packaging, this one seems to stands out from among the rest. Quite smart to depict the perfectly shaped gum as the dinosaur’s pearly whites. Would you not buy it after just looking at it?

Ice Cream Cup Bobbleheads


Image by junfei176

You know packaging has come a long way today when even ice cream which till a while back was sold in plain and simple cones and cups is now offered in fancy little cups such as these. I could probably start collecting these, and the ice cream would just be a bonus.

Salt and Pepper Battery Sprinklers



Image by Mehmet

Recharge your batteries during every meal at the dining table with this innovative and eye catching concept for salt and pepper containers which are made to look exactly like batteries with vivid colours. There’s even a meter-like bar to let you know when you need a refill of either of them.

Frusion Fruit Holder


Image by Designslave

Make all of your fruit look adorable by placing them in this magically personifying fruit holder. You just might change your mind about eating it because then you may never be able to take your eyes off of it.

Set Wet Spikes


Image by The Dieline Awards

The best kind of packaging would be one which shows off exactly what the product does or is about. The above packaging of Set Wet products has done just that. It keeps it right to the point with no non sense to attract customers.



Image source: Imgur

This is an interesting promotional measure which takes the product right back to its raw stage. Very simple and cost effective, it manages to catch the attention of those who spend hours and hours in search of the right kind of cutlery for their kitchen.

Gloji Light bulb Juice


Image source:Imgur

Drinking out of a light bulb seems fun now that drinking out of glasses is mainstream. This kind of packaging by Gloji is certain to at least attract the vision of anyone and everyone in the section for a refreshing drink.