When we hear about the Brand Sony; right from the inspiring stories of former CEO Akio Morita and the exclusive product lineups we think of something i.e CLASS. Sony is famous for its world-class products and services along with a superior brand value this name offers. Smartphones, home theatre systems, television industry and many other smart devices are the speciality of Sony and it is right now a leading brand in almost all the above fields. When LED and LCD television technology first hit the market everyone was only talking about the Bravia series from the house of Sony and with the latest 4k HDR lineup Sony is aiming to reach a new milestone. Let’s have a look at the latest Bravia 4k range.




  • The latest Bravia range from Sony supports 4k High Dynamic Range {HDR} with ultra HD for superior and stunning picture quality. This latest Bravia range supports Google’s official Android TV operating system to make your television set smarter than ever. This allows you to experience Sony’s exclusive user interface to the fullest.
  • The flagship Bravia model has a wider range of brightness along with efficient voice search and content bar and program guide to explore all the content just on the one click.
  • This latest smart tv is easy to use for both the OS; android and IOS and the latest Google cast makes the transfer of files more efficient as you could just simply share your music and movies from your smartphones to you smart tv.
  • The entire Bravia 4k series is recommended by NETFLIX. This means it will be easier for users to access TV function as well as NETFLIX app by simply using a single button on the remote control. Even we can make our phone into a remote control of our television set.
  • The entire series is crafted on the foundation of a superior design language which Sony calls as a ‘Slice of Living Design’. Stunning sharp edges and attractive panels make these TVs beyond the level of expectations. This design language gives the feeling of a reality box carved into a wall as the designers of the new BRAVIA range tried to hide the cables and wires in the stand itself to avoid the unpleasant view of the same.
  • All the devices come with the Trilumidnous display, Clear Audio+, and Digital sound enhancement engine as the top of the line Bravia X9350D variant offers X-REALITY PRO, Magnetic fluid design , Front facing speakers as well as Sony’s iconic wedge design.


The iconic Bravia range is now available with the 4k variants. Superb picture quality, finest and the thinnest design language with single remote facility for both set-top box and TV and many more features are now creating quite a buzz. Flagship X9350D will be available in June while you could get your hands on X9300d 65 inches at Rs. 364900 and 55 inches at Rs 264900 while Bravia X8500D will be available now at Rs. 194900.