Brush up on your cardiac knowledge with this thrilling and informative video on this extraordinary pumping machine

The heart, especially the human heart enjoys a lot of popularity. Over time, facts, myths and beliefs about the heart have given it the status it has today. From pumping blood to being used as the universal symbol of love there is not much we don’t know about the heart. Or is there?

Have you ever wondered how the symbol of the heart so widely used came to be? And how did it get associated with the actual heart? Why is it that our heart gets to experience all the love when we know it is the brain that triggers emotions?

Why do some animals have different heart rates than the others? For instance, did you know that the heart of a hummingbird beats about 15 times faster than that of human beings? Or that over time human beings have progressed to sustain twice as many heart beats as other animals! All thanks to science and medicine. Even then, can we say that the heart is a natural stopwatch? Just like battery cycles, can we say that our heart beats are also limited?

Check out the following video to find the answers to such questions and much more to make your heart skip a beat!