Every person, no matter how thin or fat; male or female has got abs, all 8 of them to be precise. They just need to be reclaimed from the long years of poor eating and working habits. A lot of people want 6 pack abs clean and fast but are often blank with the basics. What is the ideal body fat percentage? What causes belly fat? Which fats are good for abs and which are not? What to eat so that you can reduce your belly fat? How much of cardio is considered perfect for developing abs? Too many questions and too little of reliable sources! Created by the renowned celebrity trainer Lucas James, this infographic answers them all. Furthermore, he also addresses a few of the most common myths on the easy development of abs. So if you’re the one who’s craving for a toned belly or even those sexy 6 pack abs, this short info-graphic is the only go to guide you’ll ever need!

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