Fears and learning to overcome them are a part of growing up. While we brave a few, some others stick with us for a longer time, embarrassing us every now and then. Which of these can you relate to?

1. Where did mommy go?

Remember the ‘not so mini’ heart attack you had in the mall when you looked up to realize you’re not holding hands with your mom anymore? And the relief when you finally saw her after 2 seconds just a few feet away? Yes, me too.

2. Angry Teachers

There’s always that one teacher in school we’re terrified of during our early school years. Oops! Forgot to do the homework she gave you? That’s one night you’re certain to say your prayers before going to bed.

3. Alone in the dark

Felt a slight movement at the other end of your room? Afraid to turn over to the other side while trying to sleep? Maybe you should turn the lights on. Be careful though, there might be something behind your TV set.

Shackled and scolded

4. Nightmares

How many of you remember ditching your sibling(s) to go and sleep with your parents because of a nightmare that had your heart pounding? “I’m sleeping between mom and dad. Nobody can kidnap me now.”

Young dreams-hashingtag

5. New people

Our parents must remember how hard a time they always had getting us to meet distant relatives at family get-togethers, and if they dare to lift you they’re in for some howling!

Social hate-hashingtag

6. Horror movies/ TV shows

Curiosity got the better of us when a seemingly interesting and easy going horror movie suddenly changed its course resulting in weeks of fear whenever we were alone. Equally horrifying were a few episodes of courage the cowardly dog.

Horror shows-hashingtag

7. Needles

That nagging fear of the tetanus vaccine we always had after we fell from our bicycles, and the tantrums we’d throw when the doctor confirmed it. Oh! The embarrassment our parents went through.

Neddle fear-hashingtag

8. Monsters under the bed

Lucky were those kids with beds that had no space underneath. The others had to ensure their leg didn’t stick out of the blanket for in no time a monster would drag you to his under-the-bed abode.

Monsters in your head-hashingtag

9. Insects

While many toddlers are fascinated by insects and play God around them, it’s only when we turned a bit older that we were hopelessly, hilariously petrified on spotting a spider in the bathtub followed by a scream that shook the entire house.

Fear of spiders-hashingtag

10. Masks

Did your sibling ever bring home a creepy mask that scared you to death every time you saw it? Or were you ever forced by your parents to shake hands with intimidating mascots while outside? Or were you one of those who broke down at the mere sight of a clown?

With this we conclude our list. Although most of these infest our thoughts only when young, yet at times it is not surprising to find some clinging on forever! Does your inner child still have these fears? Let us know in the comment section below!