‘’Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face” – Victor Hugo

Let’s be honest. It’s no easy a task, shortlisting ten out of the tons of comedy movies ever made. Although this list has been cumulated after careful scrutiny and input from more than 5 of our team members, a certain amount of prejudice is bound to be evident. But nonetheless, this list is crammed with humor to the core, humor that’s capable enough to make your day! If some of these names sound unfamiliar to you, we suggest you rush out to the stores and grab a copy ASAP, for it’s an affair you’ll thank us for later! So let us countdown the funniest comic scenes ever.

  1. Donny’s funeral speech: The big Lebowski

How would you feel, if all of a sudden you’d find someone’s ashes all over your beard? This is exactly what the dude went through after Walter was done with his annoyingly mundane and terribly long speech at the death of his dear friend Donny. An unfortunate wind steered away the ashes as they mischievously made a 180 degree reverse! Tch tch, poor old dude!

  1. ‘You’re first name is motherfucker?’ Horrible Bosses

When someone introduces himself as ‘Motherfucker Jones’, the situation is bound to get comic! And just when you thought it couldn’t be any funnier, you get pro tips by the very same ‘motherfucker’ on how white people say ‘er’ and blacks say ‘ah’. A hilarious sight it is where all characters stand stupefied as he goes on to tell the story behind his name, which is unfortunately, every bit as gross as you’d imagine it to be!

  1. The car theft scene: Rocknrolla

Check out this scenario. You’re a part of a ‘supposedly’ elite group of gangsters. Now as an important part of a high priority heist, you must pull off a car theft. But as you sit inside the car, ready to depart and cheering about the apparently super smooth crime you just committed, you realize you don’t have the car keys! Things get awkward. Yet you pull yourself back together and ask for them in the usual gangster voice. Could it be any more embarrassing? Apparently in the Rocknrolla world, it can. Check out how!

  1. ‘Cocksucker, motherfucker!’ 40 year old virgin

The title of the movie itself is enough for an epic crack up. Andy is helped along by his friends as he tries to lose his long-kept virginity. They guide him on how to pick up girls and look ‘presentable’. As an apparently vital part of the latter, they take him to a beauty salon where he is supposed to get his chest waxed up. Whatever follows shapes up as one of the most iconic scenes from this epic comedy!

  1. The accidental death: Pulp fiction

Three gangsters are on their way from a mission their boss Marcelo assigned them with. One of them is speaking out with a gun in his hand. He turns back and asks the third for his opinion on something and boom! A road bump, a trigger happy finger and the rest is history!

  1. You’re under arrest: The mask

A supposed criminal is on the loose. He’s extremely dangerous, impromptu and ahem extremely green! Check out this epic scene where the mask played by Jim Carrey has the entire police force spellbound as they thump along with him to Rumba beats!

  1. He’s adopted: The Avengers

The only entry on this list that isn’t rated a comedy. But the build of the climax followed by the spontaneity of Thor’s contradictory words, gave rise to one of the most hilarious comic reliefs I ever came across in an action movie!

  1. A compilation: Hangover Saga

It is an impossible task to nitpick the best scene out of the three hangover movies. Nor is it justified to list down a select few. But this video does an excellent job at highlighting some of the key scenes from this epic franchise! ‘So long, gay boys!’

  1. The unique TV broadcast: Bruce Almighty

A national TV news anchor squealing, barking and ‘doing the cha-cha like a sissy girl’ on live TV is an absolute rarity of a sight! When Bruce, played by Jim Carrey, decided to make use of his recently acquired Godlike powers as a tool for revenge on his coworker, the resultant live broadcast went all nuts and so will anyone who’ll witness the plight of the anchor!

  1. This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass! : The big Lebowski

At the numero uno spot, we have one of the most ‘what daaf fuhck’ situation I ever came across in the history of motion cinema. Two spots on the very same list by the very same movie! No wonder the Big Lebowski finds itself comfortably atop the list of the greatest cult movies ever! ‘The dude’ is left helpless as his close friend Walter goes on wrecking a newly purchased Ferrari. Walter is certain that the Ferrari is owned by the very same kid whom he thinks has stolen their money. His actions wake up the entire neighborhood and then surprise-surprise! We have the actual owner out front, shouting out aloud and apparently very-very angry. What happens next is wreck, wreck and more wreck!


This top ten list is a reflection of my own opinions on a comedy, and I hope not to stir any negative comments down below on the same. Your selections are naturally bound to differ. As such we’d be glad to hear about your list of favorite comic movies/scenes in the comment section below!